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"I am not going to read their script. I am not going to renounce my own reporting on this story. Because the reporting on this story stands, it is true, and now we also know that the Koch brothers do not wish to be associated with the work and the causes that they have funded through their multi-million dollar, multi-year massive funding of networks of conservative organizations… We will not stop reporting on the political actions, and the consequences of the political actions of rich and powerful men, even if they send angry letters every time we do it. I will not read scripts provided to me by anyone else. I do not play requests… I will not renounce or retract reporting that is true, even if the subjects of that reporting don’t like it. Being a political actor means being subject to political scrutiny. If you don’t want to be known for it, don’t do it. Don’t just complain when people accurately describe your actions. Your actions are what we are reporting on and we will do that on our own terms - as a free press. If you want to control the words that are used when your actions are discussed, then speak for yourself. I will renew my invitation now. Mr. Koch, or the other Mr. Koch, you are welcome on this show any time. I would love to discuss these matters with you right here, in person, live and without interruption. Any time. And it would be easy to set up, you apparently already have my number."
- Rachel Maddow, throwing down in response to a letter from the Koch Brothers’ lawyers demanding she retract a story she did on the Kochs’ role in lobbying for state laws mandating drug testing for welfare recipients.  January 3, 2014. (via mamaatheist)

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George Zimmerman trial date set for June over Trayvon Martin killing


George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman charged with the murder of teenager Trayvon Martin, will go on trial on 10 June, a judge ruled on Wednesday.

The trial date was set by judge Debra Nelson in a Florida court, but the court noted that there are still several unresolved matters to complete. As such the start of the trial may be pushed back further.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of 17-year-old Martin in February – an incident that led to protests across the US and put state gun laws and race relations in America under a spotlight.

Martin was killed as he walked back to the home of his father’s girlfriend in Sanford, Florida, after a trip to a convenience store. After trailing the youth, whom Zimmerman claimed was acting suspiciously, the pair engaged in a fight during which Martin was fatally shot.

Zimmerman claimed self-defence, citing Florida’s controversial stand-your-ground law. He has pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree murder.

Supporters of the Martin family have claimed that the shooting had a racial element, and that Zimmerman may have targeted Martin for attention because he was black.

A recorded conversation between the shooter and a 911 operator shortly before the incident may have contained a racial slur, some have claimed, although this has been dismissed by Zimmerman and his lawyers.

Nonetheless, the allegations stoked tensions in the immediate aftermath of the shooting on 26 February, prompting demonstration and claims of police mishandling in the case.

Next year’s trial is expected to last three weeks.

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Spirit Day! 


Spirit Day! 

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Computer files link TV dirty tricks to favourite for Mexico presidency


Network alleged to have sold favourable election coverage to top politicians  imageMexico’s biggest television network sold prominent politicians favourable coverage in its flagship news and entertainment shows and used the same programmes to smear a popular leftwing leader, documents seen by the Guardian appear to show.

The documents – which consist of dozens of computer files – emerge just weeks ahead of presidential elections on 1 July, and coincide with the appearance of an energetic protest movement accusing the Televisa network of manipulating its coverage to favour the leading candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto.

The documents, which appear to have been created several years ago, include:

• An outline of fees apparently charged for raising Peña Nieto’s national profile when he was governor of the state of Mexico.

• A detailed media strategy explicitly designed to torpedo a previous presidential bid by leftwing candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador, who is currently Peña Nieto’s closest rival.

• Payment arrangements suggesting that the office of former president Vicente Fox concealed exorbitant public spending on media promotion.

While it has not been possible to confirm the authenticity of the documents – which were passed to the Guardian by a source who worked with Televisa – extensive cross checks have shown that the names, dates and situations mentioned largely line up with events.

There is also evidence that actions suggested in the proposals did take place. The allegations come at a crucial time for Peña Nieto, the candidate of the ideologically nebulous Institutional Revolutionary party: recent opinion polls show his substantial lead beginning to erode as Televisa’s role as political kingmaker has become a central issue of the campaign.

In a country where newspaper readership is tiny and the reach of the internet and cable TV is still largely limited to the middle classes, Televisa – and its rival TV Azteca – exert a powerful influence over national politics.

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They came in armoured vehicles and there were some tanks. They shot five bullets through the door of our house. They said they wanted Aref and Shawki, my father and my brother. They then asked about my uncle, Abu Haidar. They also knew his name.

My mum yelled at them. She asked: ‘What do you want from my husband and son?’ A bald man with a beard shot her with a machine gun from the neck down. Then they killed my sister, Rasha, with the same gun. She was five years old. Then they shot my brother Nader in the head and in the back. I saw his soul leave his body in front of me.

They shot at me, but the bullet passed me and I wasn’t hit. I was shaking so much I thought they would notice me. I put blood on my face to make them think I’m dead.


From an account of the Syrian government’s massacre in Houla, Homs province by an 11-year-old survivor, as told to The Guardian.

Jesus fucking Christ.

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From a pride parade in India in 2010. Love this slogan.


From a pride parade in India in 2010. Love this slogan.

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Two boys look on at a gathering in Mexico City’s Angel of Independence Plaza on Friday to protest Pope Benedict XVI´s first trip to Mexico. The visit comes during the middle of an important election year. (Nathaniel Parish Flannery)

Channel: Latin American Affairs

In the center of the Angel of Independence Plaza, amid the traffic of central Mexico City, a group of a few dozen protesters gathered on Friday afternoon to protest the 85-year-old Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Mexico.

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"Witches and sorcery have been a way for men to get rid of intelligent, clever women. Call them a witch and have them executed."
- A Facebook commenter about a story in this week’s Newsweek, which looks into women being driven from their homes in parts of Africa after accusations of sorcery. (via cheatsheet)

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Nobel Peace Prize winners.  From left to right: President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia (AP Photo); Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee (AP); Yemeni Tawakul Karman who head the organisation Women Journalists Without Chains (AP). 

They were awarded the prize for “for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work.” Johnson-Sirleaf is Liberia’s first elected female president and has acted as a reformer in her time in office. Gbowee organized a group of Christian and Muslim women to stand up to Liberian warlords. Karman is a Yemeni journalist who is both a women’s rights activist and a leading protest organiser in Yemen’s Arab Spring uprisings.

Read the AP Story.

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The Revolution will not be Televised.


The Revolution will not be Televised.


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Taiz:  Female anti-government protesters demand the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.


Taiz:  Female anti-government protesters demand the resignation of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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“White america was shocked at what they saw police doing to Rodney King, Black America would have LOVED to have been shocked by what they saw police doing to Rodney King. But Black America only could have been shocked if what the police did to Rodney King was something completely alien to their community experience, something they couldnt imagine the police doing in their community.  There is a Rodney King everyday in this country and Black America has always known that.”

I’m shocked he said this on live, national television. 

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Remembering Tyler a year later



It’s been a year since Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi committed suicide after his roommate broadcast a video online of his sexual encounter with another man.  

Tyler’s suicide was one of a string of bullying-related LGBT youth suicides last fall. The country stood in horror as one teenager after another made the dreadful decision, unable to take the harassment they faced because of their sexuality. And it’s not over; most recently, we mourn 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who took his life last week. 

Since last fall, we’ve made huge strides in addressing LGBT bullying. Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign and the Trevor Project have taken the lead in providing resources and hope for gay teens who feel trapped. Politicians and celebrities have stepped up as activists to push for change. School districts have enacted legal measures to crack down on bullying. 

We can’t bring back Tyler or others who went through the same pain, but we can work to make sure nobody else has to hurt as they did. How have you changed in the last year? Have your thoughts on bullying changed?

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Too real. This must end. 


Too real. This must end. 

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Kerry proposes legislation to protect LGBT couples against housing discrimination


Sen. John Kerry has introduced federal legislation that would protect same-sex couples from discrimination in matters related to housing. A version of the bill was introduced in the House as well. 

The Housing Opportunities Made Equal Act, or HOME Act, would amend the 1968 Fair Housing Act to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. This would relate to issues dealing with credit, acquisition of housing and custody of children, among other things, including making it easier for LGBT couples to fight back against discrimination. The Advocate article linked above has more of the legal details.

“It’s hard to believe that in 2011, any law-abiding, tax-paying American who can pay the rent can’t live somewhere just because of who they are,” Kerry said in a statement. “Housing discrimination against LGBT Americans is wrong, but today in most states there isn’t a thing you can do about it. This legislation would end discrimination that continues to hurt people.”

Now that is what I’m talking about. 

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