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"Men never ask what they should call women’s pain, so they call us crazy. They call us crazy and they laugh at us. The same men who say women aren’t funny obviously do find women funny. They find women funny at the most inappropriate time: when we’re hurting. There is no sympathy, no empathy, for young women under the influence, on the verge of, or currently breaking down. Girl pain is titillating and amusing disaster porn. In Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes’ case, their celebrity eclipses their humanity; they become the “willing victims” of the public abuse of men. Their inner turmoil, a spectacle, is a living punchline reaction gif, making us ask, “Where are their people?”"

“What Should We Call Girl Pain?” by Safy Hallan Farah 

This is why Safy is the most brilliant writer I know. Read the whole thing. She just nails it.

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Things to keep in mind

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Lindsay Lohan assaulted in Manhattan Hotel room (TW: violence against women and victim blaming in comments section)

However you may feel about Lindsay Lohan, SAFETY ISN’T ONLY FOR WOMEN YOU RESPECT.

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Revealed: Lohan's Porn-Star Script Has Rough Sex, Sad Sex, and Sex with a Dog


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I have a crush on this woman and I really wanna see this. Plus, the article’s title doesn’t seem very attractive but read it!

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